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Siberian Husky Pup Scheduled for Euthanasia for Being Born Like This

This is the story of an amazing journey with one of the most beautiful pups I have ever fallen in love with.

I received a phone call from Coastal German Shepard Rescue telling me that there was a “Swimmer Pup” who was going to be euthanized unless we got to him in time. They asked me to please hurry, pick him up, and begin treatment right away.

Upon seeing the little white bundle of fur, my heart just ached to get him in my arms and to safety. I held him the whole ride home. He was so still, so quiet...I was concerned that maybe he was also deaf. This little puppy had the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen.

Once we were home, I began calling the little bundle “Baby.” Baby was so still, so quiet...first thing to do was to give him a feeding of canned puppy food mixed with goat’s milk. He was a very slow eater, not a good sign. Again, he was just so still. I immediately cleaned Baby and wrapped his chest and shoulders in a soft tee shirt wrap.

I made him a nice soft, warm bed surrounded by small stuffed animal toys and laid his tiny body on his side, propped up with the soft toys. He immediately looked more comfortable. I slept beside him on the couch that night in case he needed me.

Once at the Vet’s office, Baby was still so quiet, I held him close. the vet came in and assessed my little bundle. He had concern written all over his face. He told me we usually euthanize puppies with Swimmers Syndrome. I said “I know.” They can’t lift up off their chest, their legs remain splayed out to the side; and they can’t lift their head off the ground.

His diagnosis was that his heart was weak, his pulse was faint. He was limp and lethargic. Not a good prospect for survival.

He told me I can “try” my treatments and also suggested massage. He said that maybe in 3 months he may walk; but chances are he won't . . . if he survives. I immediately thought to myself “I will see you in 10 days” ... although I didn't say this out loud. I took Baby home and started his Acuscope Sessions right away.

Low and behold! He awoke the next morning “speaking” to me...wiggling his little body even trying to lift his limbs. I just know he was asking me ..."More please...More please I feel so much better . . . I'm alive, I'm here and I'm alive! Please don't give up on me." More Acuscope Therapy Sessions were in store for that day. Yes, I began his Therapy in the morning after we came home from the Vet visit. I did a series of Acuscope Treatments to promote nerve conductivity where the nerve signals emerge from between the Vertebrae along the Spine. I attached plates to treat the back from top to bottom.

Each day there is more improvement, more movement, strength and activity. It really is amazing to witness how fast a little body responds once the nerve and muscle cells are given the help they need to awaken. He was adopted shortly after this last video by a wonderful young man. We have become email friends and Instagram friends so I can follow Casper’s progress through pictures.

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