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Frequently Asked Questions

What are P​AWsitive Poop Bags​?

  • PAWsitive Poop Bags ​are poop bags made entirely out of vegetable starch. It is ​not plastic ​so it ​will not​ stay in the landfill once used.  The bags will break down completely in a matter of months not years like plastic bags.

  • Multi-use - ​PAWsitive Poop Bags were designed for picking up after your dog, but it can also be used to pick up kitty waste, wrapping up dirty diapers, used as gloves to pump gas, grocery shop or even composting food waste.

  • Certified compostable - this product has gone through rigorous testing to be given the label of ASTM D6400 BPI & EUROPEAN VINCOTTE CERTIFIED, which means they meet the requirements of the ASTM D6400 standards.  The bags were also given the certification of VINCOTTE HOME OK compost, which means it can be used for composting food waste in your composter at home as it breaks down completely in a short amount of time.

What is PAWsitive?

  • PAWsitive is an eco-friendly pet-brand that uses renewable materials that are also compostable. Our products do not harm the environment or our furry friends.  PAWsitive is all about loving our pets and the environment too!

What makes PAWsitive different from other “eco-friendly” poop bags?

  • Other brands say they are biodegradable, which may be true because almost all things will eventually degrade over time but some plastic bags will take hundred of years to finally breakdown.

  • PAWsitive Poop Bags ​are compostable, which means they can be tossed in the trash can without cause for concern as it will degrade completely in just a few short months. ​(actual time depends on weather conditions.)

  • Ours is different because we do not use plastic at all but vegetable starch.

How are PAWsitive Poop Bags different from plastic poop bags?

  • It feels​ different - you know the difference just by touching it - it feels silky smooth.

  • It smells different - Plastic may not have a smell or may have a synthetic smell. PAWsitive bags while unscented have a faint, pleasant smell reminiscent of food likely because it is made of corn.

  • It sounds​ different - it doesn’t have that plastic crinkly sound it sounds more like fabric being rubbed together.

  • It looks different - plastic bags have a shiny sheen to it, vegetable starch bags have more of that matte finish

  • It is strong - The product is strong enough even for the biggest of poops! (My daughters used the poop bags to play with. They filled it with a gallon of water and were throwing it at each other. I don’t recommend using it for water fights but it was an interesting experiment that shows that PAWsitive bag stretches and holds up even in the most unusual of circumstances.)

How are PAWsitive Poop Bags different from other plastic poop bags?

  • Plastic poop bags might call themselves biodegradable or made from recycled plastic but that doesn't mean they are "green."

  • There are so many “green” bags on the market (literally and figuratively) that are very misleading. They might call themselves eco-friendly because they are using recycled plastic material but in the end - it is still PLASTIC.

  • The issue with plastic today is that it is not getting recycled like we think it is. Often times, our plastic bags get shipped to China to have them recycle our bags - but that isn’t happening.  Please see articles on the end of single-use plastics tab.

  • Also, for most of us, when we discard our poop bags they go into the trash, which ends up in the landfill, not in the recycle bin, which means they wouldn't get recycled anyway.

  • We had to make our bags orange to separate ourselves from everyone else because we are simply not like the rest.

Why use PAWsitive products?

  • There are so many companies that are creating products touting themselves as biodegradable products when in fact they are still using plastic, which is then going to end up in the landfill. At least with ​PAWsitive​ products, I know what we are using and how it is made.

What else does PAWsitive do?

  • PAWsitive​ is also a digital video company that makes inspirational, heartfelt animal rescue videos filmed all over the world. We promote animal rescue, adoption, and spaying or neutering your pet.

  • Check us out on YouTube:

Who do we partner with?

  • PAWsitive​ knows to combat global warming we need to eliminate single-use plastics that end up in our oceans and in our landfills, there needs to be a group effort on a global scale.

  • PAWsitive ​partners with any like-minded companies that believe in using eco-friendly, renewable resources and eliminating single-use plastics


  • Simple - save the world one poop at a time!

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