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  • ASTM D6400 BPI & EUROPEAN VINCOTTE CERTIFIED. Meeting the requirements of the ASTM D6400 standards
  • MULTI-USE: We know these poop bags are for dog or cat waste but these bags can also be used for backyard composting and food waste - certified by VINCOTTE HOME OK compost.
  • STRONG & LEAK PROOF, 18 microns thick
  • 9 ROLLS/135 BAGS, 
  • Measures 9"x13", 15 BAGS PER ROLL


PAWsitive Poop Bags* cares about our pets and the environment too.


PAWsitive Poop Bags* gives you peace of mind when picking up your pups poop. Finally, we can say goodbye to single-use plastics with this vegetable starch alternative.  PAWsitive Poop Bags* are premium bags that are made entirely of cornstarch, not plastic or recycled plastic. You can feel the difference. The bags are certified ASTM D6400 BPI & EUROPEAN VINCOTTE CERTIFIED, which means not only does it break down quickly but is certified and lab-tested compostable.  It will break down and return to the earth in a matter of months, rather than hundreds of years like our plastic counterparts.  


The premium pack of waste bags includes 9 rolls with 15 bags per roll for a total of 135 bags. The bags are orange. Each bag measures 9"x13" which is roomy enough for even your biggest puppy poops or even a cat litter scooper. They are easy to tie and carry. Tear perforations make it easy to tear off and detach from the roll. They are also heavy-duty at 18 microns thick. They don't leak.  


They are unscented for sensitive noses.  Even our packaging and cores is made from materials that easily break down. PAWsitive Poop Bags* are ideal for picking up our pup's poops but they have multiple uses.


If you want to compost food scraps, use it for travel diaper bags, handbags, car doors, gas stations, scooping and securing cat litter poop or as a glove at the grocery store, you can.  After that, just toss the bag in the trash. It won't stay there long. The roll fits most dispensers with a PAWsitive heart and lettering so it's easy to see which side is up.

PAWsitive Poop Bags (100% Compostable) - 9 Rolls

SKU: PAW9.135_8.17.20_0001
  • Package Weight: 1 lbs

    Shipping Weight:  1.5 lbs

    Box Size: 4.2 inches x 4.2 inches x 2.5 inches

  • Shipping will take place within 24-48 hours of order submission.  We will send you an email with tracking information.  Product is sent via USPS and should arrive within 5 businesses days.

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